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SOLID-BHP is a manufacturing and trading company of devices for testing the performance of internal and external hydrants, as well as kits for testing hydrant hoses tightness. SOLID-BHP has been operating continuously in the industry since 2014. We have a huge production capacity of devices for testing hydrants. Our production and warehouse halls with a total area of ​​2,000 square meters are located in Mszana Dolna, the Niedźwiedź commune and Kraków. The sales department is located in Mszana Dolna at ul. Piłsudskiego 4. Our production and sales department conducts a wide range of activities from design, production, testing of nozzles and measuring systems to the distribution of devices and sets for testing hydrants. We conduct research and development in cooperation with Krakow universities, i.e. the AGH University of Science and Technology and the Krakow University of Technology. Thanks to this, we are constantly introducing improvements and innovations, both in terms of materials and technology. We undertake all these activities in order to participate in their development as a manufacturer and supplier for major customers in the market as a business partner, offering the technical solutions they expect. The devices and kits for testing hydrants offered by us are of high quality and precise measurement accuracy. The Hydro-flow HF-01 and Hydro-check HC-01 devices have been registered with the Polish PATENT OFFICE. Products and services offered by SOLID-BHP are at competitive prices and the number of products and services is constantly expanded, which makes us a leader in the Polish and Czech market among manufacturers of hydrant testing equipment.
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